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Focus Scope

The  Structural Chemistry & Crystallography Communication aspires to provide the scientific knowledge through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality, scientific papers and other material on all topics related to structure of single molecules and radicals, molecular assemblies, gases, liquids including water and solutions, amorphous and crystalline solids, surfaces, films and nanoparticles, molecular and polymeric materials, single crystals, coordination polymers, inorganics and minerals, ionic liquids, liquid crystals, molecular recognition, nanostructures, natural products, NMR crystallography, organic polymers, polymorphs, powder diffraction, solid-state organic chemistry, structure and spectroscopy, supramolecular chemistry.

Structural Chemistry & Crystallography Communication is one of the most emerging fields in the present scenario. The involvement of the new discoveries and prevailing research made this ever flourishing domain. The research and development in Structural Chemistry & Crystallography Communication leading many new discoveries. The journal serves to distribute the latest information in all related fields for effective and rapid communication among the audience.

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