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A H-bonded Chloranilate Chain with an Unprecedented Topology

New (PPh3Et)2(C6O4Cl2)·2H2O (1) compound has been synthetized and structurally characterized. This compound presents layers of cations and non coordinated [C6O4Cl4]2-anions alternating along thecdirection. The cationic layers contains isolated [PPh3Et]+ cations whereas in the anionic layers the chloranilate anions are connected forming chains along the a direction thanks to two H-bonds formed between the oxygen atoms of the chloranilate anions and two water molecules located between two anions. The topology of this H-bonded chain is unprecedented in any chloranilate compound. Compound 1 is the first characterized salt containing noncoordinated chloranilate anions with any phosphonium cation.


Samia Benmansour, Cristina Vallis-Garcia, Carlos J Gomez-Garcia

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